Drone Photography
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Professional Aerial Photography

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Drone Photography
& Videography

Professional Aerial Photography

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Drone Mybase is a team of engineers, drone pilots, GIS experts, and software developers that has delivered numerous drone solutions in India. We provide complete end to end solutions for our clients from drone data acquisition, drone data processing, analysis, and development or integration of web and mobile applications.

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Residential Real Estate Photography

Periodic drone videos for project progress monitoring, reporting and collaboration to reduce project costs and improve project timelines. Professional drone video services for marketing your infrastructure or real estate projects.

Commercial Real Estate Photography

A good virtual tour can definitely give your online branding a boost! With high-quality images, compelling descriptions, immersive media, and even guided tour elements, you can keep users engaged and excited.

Construction Site Monitoring

Project progress monitoring of large infrastructure projects such as railways, roads, highways, industrial corporation and more using drone survey and drone videos with volumetric calculations and geotagged videos .

Aerial Photography

Professional aerial photography for your real estate, resort or any marketing promotion along with aerial 360 degree panorama, virtual tour and large hoarding size imagery .

Drone Mapping

Researchers use drones to capture huge amounts of raw visual data.

Drones have unlocked potential in the waste management industry and have proved to be the most economical, practical, efficient, and accurate equipment. They make it possible for the workers to survey structures from the ground and at a safe distance

How we work?

Why risk a human life or the human pace, when your drone can do the job with utmost accuracy.

At Drone My Base, we work on improving safety, reducing costs and ensuring quick turnaround time on projects. Our mission is to assist our customers to fully understand, maintain and protect their most valuable assets.

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In this stage, after the project has been approved and initial planning has been done the on site work is executed as per the client's requirement by a group of experienced professionals who are constantly monitored and assisted by their team leaders.

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Once the data has been processed as per the client's satisfaction, the data is handed over to our client through encrypted cloud url.

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